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Dana Kozlov

When she was a young television reporter starting out in Peoria, Dana Kozlov would have to leave the newsroom for her real paying job as a waitress.

Since those early days, Dana has gone on to become a general assignment reporter at CBS 2 in Chicago, where she tells important stories in one of the country's biggest markets.

In this week's episode, Dana recalls her late-in-college decision to go into the news business, hustling to get her first job, the incident where two colleagues had to take down a potential assailant during a live shot, and watching a Parkinson's patient's brain surgery that her reporting helped make happen.

She also recalls the time Caterpillar, the major corporation, came down on her over a story during a labor dispute: “They threatened to pull advertising because they didn’t like my story. Think about that. That’s pathetic." A fun talk!