Bryan Gruley

Bloomberg's Bryan Gruley shared a Pulitzer Prize for coverage of 9/11 at the Wall Street Journal. He's recently been on the elderly sex beat, reporting fascinating stories like this one: "Can a wife with dementia say yes to sex?"

Gruley has interesting tales about dark days and good men: 9/11, the World War II Lt. who shielded refugees in Dachau against army orders, overwriting a hostage situation as a young journalist, and much more! A fun conversation.


Eric Roper

Eric Roper is one of the best young journalists in America.


His humble beginnings as editor of the George Washington University student newspaper and a correction controversy over the phase-out of an unofficial hippo mascot (and how it haunts him);

What it's like to cover a city, Minneapolis, and all of its many data points for the Star Tribune;

Tales from his time covering the United States Congress;

Why, he says, “Journalism is a very emotional business for me" (a frank talk about the neurosis of news)

A strong episode with a sharp reporter, so check it out!


Marcus DiPaola


(Photo courtesy of Marcus DiPaola.)

Freelance photographer Marcus DiPaola went to Liberia last month in search of stories, treatment centers and rural areas. He came back with entertaining, harrowing and sad tales of:

Burial teams struggling to collect the dead from folks that won’t give them up;

Orphans left behind by the disease;

Survivors working to help the sick;

The 12-year old mechanic who fixed his car;

and much more!

He’s also being monitored by Chicago public health officials for Ebola. An interesting chat with a brave photojournalist about his lengthy trip to Africa, so check it out!


Britt Robson

Britt Robson is his own man.

He learned journalism on the road hitchhiking across the country and wrote his first magazine story on Cincinnati mayor Jerry Springer. Over the years, he's become a respected NBA writer and music scribe. For a time, he penned speeches or Rudy Perpich, Minnesota's "Governor Goofy."

Fun anecdotes about Ken Garnett, Glen Taylor, scrubs and more! One hell of an interview with a great journalist!


Emily Gurnon

Emily Gurnon has the steak!

As a Pioneer Press courts reporter, Emily helped free a man from prison. In San Francisco, she exposed shady hotels, watched a heroin user shoot up ("God loves me") and got pranked by the alternative weekly. She even survived flying cockroaches and mean people at the (1994!) Chicago Tribune.

A fun chat with a great reporter whose journey started with a simple question: "How hard would that be, really?"


Tom Lyden

KSMP's Tom Lyden is one of the Twin Cities' best investigative reporters.

A great episode about:

Learning his trade at the University of Missouri
Covering the story of a mill worker killed by his colleagues in Green Bay, Wisconsin
Investigating cult leader Victor Bernard
Being overwhelmed by skyscrapers when he drove into Saint Paul
What it was like to be caught in a firestorm over a decision to take a tape from the back of a car (and how it made him a better journalist)

...and so much more! Truly a good conversation


Maya Rao

Star Tribune reporter Maya Rao spent a month working at the Wild Bison truck stop in North Dakota for a story this summer.

In this week’s episode she explains what went into her excellent Atlantic piece about the North Dakota oil boom, discusses the importance of taking risks, and opens up about her career in the news business (including tales of corrupt New Jersey pols and the off-duty Minneapolis cop doing work at electronic dance parties)

A great chat with a true intrepid journalist, so check it out!


Showbiz Shelly

B96 entertainment reporter Showbiz Shelly started as the “perpetual intern” before becoming an on-air personality. She gives us the inside story on coming from a broadcasting family, being a shy person growing up, talking with celebrities and saying silly things on the radio (“So now he gets to pee in peace!”)

A fun chat (gossip!) with a talented journalist


Adam Sege

For two years, Adam Sege worked as an overnight breaking news reporter for the Chicago Tribune.

In this week's episode, Adam talks about the emotion at crime scenes, what he's observed about life for those growing up in gang neighborhoods, and the humanity Chicago violence leaves behind. An interesting chat about pain, compassion, crime, and life in the city: "I really want those scenes to stay with me."

He's going to South Africa to report for awhile. You can read about (and support!) his next project here.


Jesus Jimenez

Palladium Item sports reporter Jesus Jimenez got his job through a unique and tragic set of circumstances.

He joins us to talk about getting into the news business, small town athletics, high school sports and more!


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